Artist Statement

I have always had a strong love for music and poetry.  I believe in creating songs that are relatable and truthful.  Authenticity is a key element that drives my songwriting, and I strive to create music that is engaging and inspiring.  I find that this authenticity lends itself best to the genres of Country, Folk, and Americana, which is where I feel most at home as an artist.

I often write from real life experiences or the experiences of others that have come in and out of my life.  I enjoy taking a small idea or a simple truth and building a message around it.  This can come to me as a snippet of a melody, a conversation I heard that day on the bus, or even using a phrase or title as a prompt to sit down and write.  I love the challenge of turning a fragment of an idea into a full song.  As I continue to pursue a creative life, I’ve found that music is my most powerful tool to convey an emotion or a message to you, the listener.  Simply put, I’m a storyteller.

I have never been one to seek out the spotlight, but the more I write, and the more I get up on stage, the more comfortable I become with embracing my authenticity and bonding with the audience.  I am continuously redefining my sound and constantly finding new and better ways of breaking down barriers and communicating ideas.  I hope that my work will continue to inspire, create conversation, and cast a light on common truths that we all encounter in our lives.